Facts About Taeyang

Dong Young-bae (born May 18, 1988), better known by his stage name Taeyang (Hangul: 태양, Hanja: 太陽, meaning Solar) or Sol, and is a South Korean recording artist and model. After appearing in Jinusean's music video "A-yo", Taeyang began training under YG Entertainment at the age of 12 alongside fellow member and leader G-Dragon. After six years of vocal and dance training, he made his debut in 2006 as a member of popular Korean boy band, Big Bang.


- Became ‘interested’ in music after hearing Brian McKnight’s first album when he was little.
- He can make ramyun.
- Once when he was younger, he had a nightmare of a unicorn riding on his mom and flying.
- When asked what love is when he was younger(2002), he answered ‘diarrhea’.
- He talks in his sleep.

- He has never had a girl friend before.
- Known to be extremely shy and nervous around girls, has become better but still unable to speak or look at them.
- First kiss was : “Last September(2006) when we had our 2nd single out, at the music video set. The girl was the actress Lee Suh Ra. A little bit but many times. What? I couldn’t help it!” He texted his the other Big Bang members soon after with “HYUNGS IM DEAD!” (them: what happened?)’I KISSED THE GIRL!!’
- Dislikes when people make face judgements about them.
- Picked Daesung as the member he would date if he was a girl.
- Says if he weren’t a music artist, he’d be a Gag Man.
- His biggest conflict with GD was during trainee years and it was over a basketball game where he even grabbed GD by the collar because he was so mad.
- Chooses love over work.
- One of his favorite songs is ‘Frankie J – Don’t Wanna Try’.
- Answered to if he crushed on a girl in his fan group, that he would give her his hand.
- Always carries his ipod, bible, and English vocab cards in his backpack and sometimes energy drinks.

“Music is a way for me to express myself. I’m usually bad at expressing myself to other people but I can do that through music.”

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